Carpeting, Rubber & Vinyl Floors


Contour-Sewn Carpets

For most import models, floor carpeting is designed in a multi-piece configuration. It is cut and sewn to cover separate areas such as main and rear floors, side rails, transmission tunnels, kick panels, and rear bulkheads or decks, etc.
New, jute padding and sewn on heel plates are included with all carpet sets as well as shift boots where needed.

Molded Carpets

For some models from the early 1970’s to current, the floor carpeting is molded to the shape of the floor pan. That is, sheets of carpet are put into an oven and heated. They are then placed in a mold and pressed to the shape of the floor. The carpet is removed from the mold, it cools, is trimmed and retains the contour of the floor pan, with no need for any sewn seams.

Don’t forget to also refinish the trunk area of your car. Trunk mats, as well as tire covers and side walls, may be made from plush carpeting or trunk lining material.
Station wagon and hatchback cargo area carpet is also available.

Carpet for Other Trim Areas

In addition to floor carpeting, for most models, we also offer carpeting to cover the rear seat backrest, the cargo side walls, the tailgate, the door bottoms and kick panels.

Molded Vinyl

For the work truck which may get dirty or muddy, washable, heavy gague molded vinyl is available for the complete floor, just the main seating area or just the cargo area.

Specialty Padding

Jute Padding

The standard 1/4” feltlike padding included on the bottom of most carpet sets. Additional jute padding is available to provide extra insulation.

Heat Shield

For use when excessive heat is a problem. This is jute padding with a layer of aluminum laminated to one side which will reflect the heat away from the seating area.


A thick 1/4” acoustical foam laminated to a layer of acoustical vinyl. This is superior sound dampening carpet underlayment.


To reduce road and engine noise. Thin, self adhesive padding will mold to contoured floor pans. It will help create a quieter interior and provide for better stereo sound.