High-end cars such as Ferraris, Maseratis and older Porsches have leather covered consoles. This leather eventually becomes faded, scratched and torn. Just as we can reupholster the seats, dash and panels, we can also reupholster the console in matching leather with original French seams.

Faded consoles that are otherwise in good condition may be redyed to restore the original color. The color of the console can also be changed as part of a complete interior colour change.

It is quite common in many cars, even if the console is plastic, to have a leather or vinyl covered armrest lid. From many miles of elbow usage these armrests often tear or develop a worn and flattened appearance.
If so, we can repad and reupholster this section.

Complete wood, carbon fiber or aluminum dash kits also typically include pieces to customize the console.

Another component in the console area which tends to wear prematurely is the shift boot on manual transmission cars. These boots can be remade in leather or can be customized in a variety of colors, two-tone, suede, etc. The emergency brake handle can also be reupholstered or redyed.

Many options in custom shift knobs are also available, including anatomic or ball shaped knobs in leather, wood or metal.

Console Repair & Replacement

Old broken consoles in popular restoration models, such as muscle cars, can be completely replaced, or parts of them can be replaced.
For other vehicles such as older Mercedes with console plates and separate console side panels, these components can also be partially or completely replaced.

Generic, economical consoles with many of these features are also available in a variety of colors for minivans or four wheel drives to mount between bucket seats or on bench seats.

Entertainment consoles incorporate TV/VCR/DVD/game players for those in the back seat on long trips.